On this years NWERC we will have 4 activities which are described below.

Beertasting, tasting the Netherlands

100/100 subscriptions.

In Delft beer is a beverage drank by many. From a historical point of view beer and Delft share a strong connection. The numerous canals in the city center served as the ideal source for beer production and there were many breweries were located within the city walls. Over the years beer production left the inner city because of pollution of the canals. However, beer consumption has not left with it. Particularly students regularly enjoy the rich taste an pleasant side effects of beer. Therefore we have arranged a beer tasting event for the NWERC contestants and coaches. Whilst tasting a collection of different beers from all around the Netherlands you will learn about its origin, production process and taste.

Fox-IT Geo hunt

60/60 subscriptions.

Discover Delft in small groups on a geo-hunt. Through a series of puzzles you will collect coordinates of different places of the inner city. The Geo-hunt will lead you through all the culturally and historically important places of Delft, which makes this the ideal way to discover the city through interaction.

So for everyone with an interest in Delft or the Netherlands, this is the opportunity to get a sense of the atmosphere and see the marvels of the city. These include the “old church” which even more oblique then the Tower of Pisa and Delft's city hall which dates from the year 1620.

Royal Delft Experience

21/75 subscriptions.

The “Porceleyne Fles” is the oldest producer of Delftware in The Netherlands. The world-renowned blue painted porcelain plates and cups have been produced in The Netherlands since the sixteenth century. The larger part of the production of that specific type of porcelain took place in the city of Delft, which is why it is named Delftware. The remarkable thing about the “Porceleyne Fles” is that they still produce the finest handmade porcelain right here in Delft.

We will be taken for a complete tour of the museum, where we will see how Delftware came to be and how this factory has survived since 1653. Furthermore we will see some special Delftware and we will visit the factory. You can see artists at work and real size copy of the well-known painting the "Nachtwacht" by Rembrandt painted in the specific blue color of delftware. The tour will take by approximation half an hour.

Vermeer Centrum

13/100 subscriptions.

During the seventeenth century, The Netherlands experienced a time of economical wealth. Because of this, many painters could be employed by the wealthy upper-class to paint portraits or landscapes for in their homes. Johannes Vermeer was one of those painters. Nowadays he is one of the most famous Dutch painters of all time. His paintings are shown in museums all over the world and are worth millions. Vermeer lived in Delft for a large part of his life and has over the years has painted many pictures depicting the city or characteristic landmarks of the area.

The Vermeer centrum is a museum about Vermeer’s life and his life’s work. We will be taken for a complete tour of his life and workplace. Learn all about the time he lived in and how he painted his masterworks.

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